by Regina Kandraska

I hear the tapping in my brain,
a reveille that brings me back to the bloody streets,
where I stopped heartbeats and inflicted pain -
where I erupted tears and tore limbs,
leaving broken bodies, sacrificed...
to the greedy landscape in the sun...
building another calvary.

A calvary I see in my mind's eye,
replaying each cut and bruise -
like a saber gone amuck,
glistening in the desert heat...
reminding me of what I know
and pointing to the pictures,
in the cinema of my brain.

Alone in my room,
I try to silence the pounding of the pain...
the tap, tap, tap of memory and dread...
catching the shattered scale of justice -
blazing before my eyes...
and lighting the way...
for the pistol I put to my head.

Copyright © 2008 - Regina Kandraska
Published: 5/1/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem