Final Flight
by Robert L. Hinshaw

Family and friends gathered to pay homage to a hero today,
As a gallant airman was laid to rest 'neath hallowed clay.
He volunteered to defend freedom and his beloved nation;
He proudly wore the uniform feeling it his solemn obligation.

He was just an ordinary man performing extraordinary deeds,
Serving humankind regardless of their race or creeds.
It can ne'er be said that his sacrifice was made in vain;
Because of such patriots, brotherhood will ever reign.

The honor guard rendered the twenty-one gun salute as one;
The plaintive notes of "Taps" honored him for laurels won.
The Commander presented the flag to his son on bended knee;
He clutched it to his breast - the little man was only three.

The sound of freedom was heard again in this great nation;
Four fighter jets screamed above in precise formation,
To honor an airman who placed national destiny above his own,
To ensure that our liberties would ne'er be overthrown!

One plane soared heavenward toward that vast celestial dome,
Symbolically escorting a Peacemaker's soul to its eternal home.
God embraced him and placed upon his brow a regal crown,
Saying, "Son, you've served Me and humankind with great renown!"

Copyright © 2005 - Robert L. Hinshaw
Published: 4/24/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem