A Soldiers Premonition
by Robert L. Hinshaw

"My Dearest Mom and Dad," his poignant letter began;
"I need to write this letter to you now while I can.
Tonight I'm scheduled to go out on a perilous patrol,
In a few minutes I must report for the calling of the roll."

"Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the sacrifices you have made,
Teaching me the moral principles from which I have not strayed.
Should fate determine that I'm to be called home to God above,
Be consoled with His promise that we'll be reunited in His love."

"I love you, Mom and Dad, more than you'll ever know;
Please tell brother and little sister that I love them so.
Give my old faithful Shep a big hug for me as well,
And tell my friends and neighbors I wish them a fond farewell."

"I'm proud to wear this uniform, I feel it my solemn obligation,
To protect the freedoms we enjoy in this our beloved nation.
Please do not pine nor grieve for me when I'm gone,
But know your loving son died bravely seeing his duty done."

Alas, the door was answered and there stood men in uniform,
Burdened with the dreaaded news for parents they were to inform,
Telling them their gallant son gave his all on the field of strife,
To be honored by a grateful nation for upholding our way of life.

Copyright © 2004 - Robert L. Hinshaw
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