by Regina Kandraska

The medal...
hanging on my mother's wall,
framed in ebony and tears -
holding on to hopes struck down
and frozen in time...
my time...
the time you took away -
hovers in the heavy air
above the mantel...
a medallion to the cruelty of fear.

Look upon all that is left of me
and feel a different fear...
you, who sent me away,
who took the blossom of my unspent youth
and ravaged it in greed.
Your prize will soon be spent
and time will wither your will to kill.
But I will always be here...
hanging in the air...
a medallion to the tragedy of fear.

Copyright © 2008 - Regina Kandraska
Published: 3/13/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem