Another Soldier Died Today
by Robert L. Hinshaw

Frantic fans worry about who's going to win the superbowl;
  Pundits speculate about politicians prevailing at the poll;
Some people are overwrought about their hair turning gray;
  By the way, did you hear that another soldier died today?

The nation becomes agog over some inane reality show;
  City operations cease after a couple of inches of snow;
Impatient drivers become upset, wantng others out of the way;
  By the way, does anyone care that another soldier died today?

The media and sitcoms fret about ratings on televisions;
  Concerns are vented when cars are scratched in minor collisions;
Dads are upset when Sonny isn't included in the football play;
  By the way, do you grieve that another soldier died today?

Folks become discomfited when nudging fifty years of age,
  And feel dejected not owning the latest electronics rage;
Lots of folks are easily offended by what others say;
  By the way, were you aware that another soldier died today?

There are many trivial matters by which we are obsessed;
  Lets be concerned with those with whom we are truly blessed -
The gallant men and women who protect the great American Way!
  By the way, are you concerned that soldiers are dying every day?

Copyright © 2008 - Robert L. Hinshaw
Published: 3/6/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem