by JS Schilling

yes today
a queen was killed,
just dead is all
and like Troy,
"...now we shall all fall."

she was older
my kid is younger,
he is 13

but for her death
men will kill for their gods
to avenge her soul
and yet
my son's body
in five years hence,
will give away his mac-n-cheese
for a knee with a gun...
will have to try and not die for our faith
so she will live on
for the books
for the babies yet born to read
men die for women
who died for gods
so children can be free
to learn
how to kill again
for gods so that young boys
can die for the women
that were alive today
but are dead now,

Oh my dear Ryan,
go to Canada,
this freedom.
this Islam,
they want a knife,
not brotherhood.
(stay alive if you can)

Lets answer the question
by Sir Rodney King circa 1990's:
"Can't we all just get along?"

    Answer: "No!"  

Copyright © 2008 - JS Schilling
Published: 2/28/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem