Was it for This?
by paradoctor

I did not dare to watch the speech;
I wanted to sleep afterwards, and not dream.
So I read it at second hand, online
from ranting pundits paid to see such things
so I don't have to
but even then I had to think,
Was it for this?
The hopes, the plans, the visions
The immigrations, migrations, marches,
speeches, elections, battles
the long lifetimes full of labor
your tax dollars hard at work
to build this country
to build the Republic
to build democracy
to build...
Was it for this?
So I shook my head and went to bed
to sleep off the daymare
but I did dream after all.
I dreamed that I drove my bright-red car
into a gas station full of bright-red pumps
and the gas pumps all read:
Type O
Type A
Type B
Type AB
and gasoline was clotting on the asphalt
and I spilled some and it too was bright red
and I slipped and banged my head on a pump
and the attendant rushed over,
and he snapped on latex gloves;
but he shook his head and he said,
"Make up your mind.
Are you a producer
or are you a consumer?"

Copyright © 2008 - paradoctor
Published: 2/21/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem