by JS Schilling

I hate this war-
I got no legs now
lost them somewhere
blown the fuck off my body
who really cares though
point is
they are gone

How will I ever have the power
to thrust deep into her legs?
to plant my seed
with the all those
"Brad Pitts"
running 'round the world
she really wants me now-

"it is easy to become a slave
when you 'is whipped like me..."

I ain't got no legs
and ya'll say,
"God bless me!(?)"

in years hence,
I will just be a story
(a crazy story)
some rookie cop tells his partners,
after he deals with me and my pain

"Man, I think he lost 'em in Iraq
or 'da 'Nam or some fucking place...
he was shouting at his 'ma,
''deys commin, 'deys commin for me mo-mma!'
...crazy S.O.B. ."

God bless me...

Copyright © 2008 - JS Schilling
Published: 2/21/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem