Here Am I, Send Me!
by Robert L. Hinshaw

"Whom shall I send, who will go for us?", was His fervent plea;
Isaiah quickly responded, "Here am I, my Lord, send me!"
From the genesis of this great nation, patriots brave and bold,
Have said, "Here am I, send me!", as did that prophet of old!

Ordinary men thought it their solemn duty and obligation,
To defy tyranny and create a free and independent nation.
They left their plows to take up arms and fight for liberty;
As one they voiced in firm determination, "Here am I, send me!"

Men in Union Blue struggled with resolute purpose and resolve,
To ensure that a peaceful and united nation might again evolve.
"Here am I, send me!", they cried as their land was torn asunder;
They bore the strife 'midst slashing steel and the cannons' thunder!

Some were "volunteered" to serve and protect freedoms we hold dear
In battles beyond our shores, but their resolve was very clear!
"Here am I, send me!", their battle cry, storming alien strands,
To establish brotherhood for the suppressed in many foreign lands.

Today, gallant men and women yet heed their nation's call,
Answering, "Here am I, send me!", with no hesitation at all.
For a time the solace of hearth and family they must forego;
So much, so very much to these courageous souls we owe!

Copyright © 2007 - Robert L. Hinshaw
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