by JS Schilling


Many men have died
in wars of yesteryear,
to proclaim:

"Democracy in 'our' time!"


in 2007 year old,
American men,
they give their arms and legs
and on Foxnews they say,
"...their wives too,"
to be whole again?
or free(hot sex)dom
joined the armed forces
to do their husbands' lame atempt at being a man,
will fight the Muslim asshole!"


Mr. Bush hears this
and yet he eats his well done steak and bellows:
"Is 'I is, or is 'I ain't your [president] (bitch)?"

Pity, these mammy's:

Dick Chenny (Or Zeus) said it best,
"In a time of war,
we need to be 'men
not a men of 'laws."

O pity the soldier today,
-I hate them,
and I was them:
shun them,
deny them...
for their ignorance is pity,
pity, for they are ignorant,
pity, for they didn't have the money for college,
pity them, those willing torture the enemy,
pity, for as any soldier whence,
As a U.S Marine,
I would have denied my Lt.,
and put down my rifle
and said
to torture
Pity...your kids in this war,
this man,
this human interaction of ideals.

Copyright © 2008 - JS Schilling
Published: 2/7/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem