Recall If You Can
by Robert L. Hinshaw

It seems that every day the media lionizes a celebrity's name;
     Their name seared upon our brain for some nefarious game.
Recall, tho', if you can a soldier's name who died for his nation,
     Protecting our precious freedoms, having served with dedication.

A greedy politician's name makes headlines in bold two-inch print;
     His dishonored name ever remembered for stealing from the mint.
Recall, tho', if you can a sailor's name who served so very brave,
     Dying upon the Altar of Honor, our cherished liberties to save.

The media dwells upon the tawdry antics of a so-called superstar;
     Their name is slavishly glorified, which is so bizarre.
Recall, tho', if you can a marine who gallantly led his squad,
     Who now sleeps in a hallowed grave 'neath his native sod.

Talented athletes who for our youth should set a good example,
     Are nearly canonized for breaching mores they so often trample.
Recall, tho', if you can an airman who flew thro' awful strife,
     Who for God, country and family live a good and honorable life.

Not forgotten are police officers and firefighters who have died,
     Having courageously served the citizenry with fidelity and pride.
Oh, that we would remember the names of those more gloriious
     Who died serving mankind productively with honor meritorious!

Copyright © 2007 - Robert L. Hinshaw
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