by Charlie Weeden

First he hijacked our emotions
To attack his own inferiorities
And provoke what his father did not;

          But expect that
          Of an ex-alcoholic -
          A weaning from frat-braus
          To flight-jackets of testosterone.

Next he hijacked our generation
And flushed our few fading fantasies
With impreachable deceit;

          But this is our offense -
          Though we stood up to
          One generation,
          We did not to our own.

But now he has hijacked America's soul
And land-mined our constitution
And a bi-centennial of good will;

          This we'll not forgive,
          And shall hence detain and torture him
          In the Guantanamo prison
          Of conscientiousness.

Copyright © 2008 - Charlie Weeden
Published: 1/10/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem