Price Tag of Iraq War
by Sheryl Winters

When's our mommy comin' home from the war?
"Don't know!" we tell em, but they want more.
The news said four more soldiers killed today.
What do we tell the children, what do we say?

Mothers carrying guns instead of their babes.
War demanding choices no one wants to make.
Memories forever lost of those precious years.
First steps, first words or last kisses and tears.

The waiting and worrying when the phone rings.
Of the dreaded call that each sacrifice brings.
Lights of their lives flickering in the dark.
The scars of war digging deep their mark!

Whether fallen or wounded, there's no escape.
Families forever bleeding and for whose sake?
We all pay the price, we all take the toll.
When taps are played and the drums roll.

America, America, our flag waves unfurled.
What's our mission - to save the whole world?
No one wants democracy more than we do.
But how high's the price tag for me and you?

Copyright © 2008 - Sheryl Winters
Published: 1/10/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem