We are Americans (Jihad)
by JS Schilling

Like Mama told us...
her pasta
reminds of
soft days
when we ate well
and talked of life
and drank sweet wine,
it was good then,
after the old wars.
but today,
I don't know this...
these people here,
these kids and old men...
in America
Mr. Bush,
don't really know him...
'but he collects the money like papa did...'
I don't know...
but I say..."

"like you say brother,
'you can see it...
in a
a grandmother's smile
our baby's coo
or the hood in our town
with his pants
down on his hips...

these are war machines...
...like bin Lden,
or Job
'simple dirt

would "we" not kill for
the this
"The Big Push Cart of life?!"
a Walmart of the people?

...salute' to 'em all!

But we are
"the people,"
we have needs too,
like a greedy web-site somewhere


"Why am I in Iraq?"
"...Money, bitch..."


But brother,

if they pulled a knife on some buildings,
like grabing your gal in a high school prom,
then we'll pull a gun...
and kill them true.

let's drink wine for this,

for we are the next Americans

Heaven help Heaven for this!


We are Americans.

Copyright © 2007 - JS Schilling
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