Religions and Politics
by Vera Spitz

Politics and Religions.
These are topics that cause distress.
The followers of both build impenetrable walls
and pass judgments to excess.

Power is a dangerous, much-used tool
which many with impunity apply.
To gain advantage, land or hapless souls
- by some - it is considered good form to lie.

Unnatural, uneasy alliances are formed -
here illustrated is a simple paradox.
In the name of some strived for common cause
the hound can be found to sleep with the fox.

These alliances - as a rule - are quite short-lived
and both parties will generally breathe deep
when again paths part and each goes his own way
- and at best - a few crocodiles weep.

The issues addressed here are ancient.
They have not altered in thousands of years.
The only thing that changed in our modern world
is that we are the ones who shed tears.

Copyright © 2007 - Vera Spitz
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