Why we "are" in Iraq
by JS Schilling

I am a man!
This is why we are in Iraq.
If I was the only human being to-date,
I would


slash the throat of the lion
that wanted to eat me for its survival.

We have made folly of the sun,
the stars and planets,
and yes, O' of love...

If it was just me,
even after I proclaimed the animals
their names,
I would


want to eat the apple,
for in that,
there is me...

        'Is I is,
               or 'is I ain't
                   a man?

Iraq is just a place to lay my teeth,
like wars past,
all the medals of valor
mean but one thing:

A lion's roar:

can you see my bloddy, canine teeth,
like you see in the mirror
when you have a new home
and feel splendid for having a
new bathroom...?

every man's whisper to be better
than he is.

Copyright © 2007 - JS Schilling
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