Identifying With The Enemy
by Davy Crockett Reincarnated

Sand in the wind
blood on the ground
mechanical buzzards
circling around ~

I stick my thumb out
for a ride
a ragged old feller
homeless bound ~

Her face appears
in the sky up above
she says with a groan
"don't talk about love" ~

The vision comes
the vision goes
a shot & splattered
holy white dove ~

I'm covered with dirt
my throat is dry
I gotta leave again
or I'm gonna die ~

Multiple excuses
spin in my head
yet there is
no reason why ~

The sun up above
smokin' his nose
is always there
wherever I goes ~

The tip of the nose
of the flaming sun
drops an ash
& forever glows ~

Tom Dooley the crow
squawkin' at my side
squawks "hello"
but there's still no ride ~

Bullets start to fly
babies start to cry
poor folks run around
lookin' for a place to hide ~

crawlin' ~

Buildings crashing down
on top 'o their heads
a tank in the street
sputterin' & stallin' ~

I become a layered cake
of grease & grime
just standing here
without one dime ~

Thumb wavin' above
the tossed & turned
wishin' hopin' someone
will stop just one time ~

But they have no pity
they all drive by
a wet sticky tear
squeezes outta my eye ~

Tom Dooley, we gotta
get out of this place
but it looks like we're gonna
just stand here & die ~

The world's so hot
folks broken & lame
one by one
turn into flame ~

Her face appears again
from deep down
outta her throat
churns up my name ~

The tears won't stop
they're all over my face
my thumb's stuck out
but it seems out of place ~

Someone pulls over
this picks up
the pace ~

The man at the wheel
is wrapped real tight
around & around
with dynamite ~

I hop in
the coupe takes off
he turns to me &
says, "gotta light?"

It's an Islamic moment
suspended in time
it's suddenly quiet
there's no more rhyme ~

The bell in the tower
inside of my soul
swings to n' fro
a mysterious chime ~

The crow, Dooley, my friend
has flown far away
the moment ticks like a clock
with nothin' to say ~

The desert landscape
floats by like a dream
with nothin' to do
but lollygag all day ~

I dig in my pocket
pull out my bic
get the flame going
with one little flick ~

The vision in the sky
of her memorable beauty
is now some how
a silly dumb chick ~

As the suicide bomber
holds up the fuse
its a proposition
I cannot refuse ~

Almighty God winkith
as we settle back
for one last
bumpy cruise ~

Heaven opens up her
transparent arms
bumps us with love &
other immaculate charms ~

A crispy flash
explodes all around
kills quite a few & sends us
to distant angelic farms ~

Ohhhhhhh the sun up above
he knows
as he smokes his
eternal cigar nose ~

Strums his banjo
combs his flames
& the crow so free do fly
wherever the river flows...

Copyright © 2007 - Davy Crockett Reincarnated
Published: 10/11/07   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem