Help wanted: Needed: An Iron Fist
by JS Schilling

Like the poem by Donne,
       "The Tripple Fool"
I will paraphrase and write:

I care about Iraq
and twice,
I am a fool for "writing whinning poetry" about same.

Where is the greatest generation?

'We born of them should have already taken their oil
and built a Wal-Mart on-top their Nazi, Jap, and/or Muslim homes.

          Who cares?

Give me a real war...
where the arms and legs blown away mean something:


Like the Indian Wars of the Old West,
these where soliders,
not the Iraq, American stooges of President 'B '[Mo's]
comedy of an Iron Fist.

                "Why are we there?"  

(Because this ain't no real war, only a real job to those who need it to be a career.)

Copyright © 2007 - JS Schilling
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