by Ronald K. Pearson

Discipline my mind and my body shall follow
Segregate me from the Bullshit, and when I'm gone place me in ground that's hollow
Break me down, then rebuild me, stronger then ever before
Show me how to reflect my values, down to my souls core
These scars I've received, in battles of the past
Reminds me of just how long, life's pain can last
The Game of Life, is as strong as a Tsunami, its power only comes from God
As He slays and displays, with His thunderous rod
As we whisper in the darkness, to gain the upper-hand on the enemy
Although we fight side-by-side, this soldier's a friend to me
I'll hold his head high, and thank the Lord he was there for me
I'll hold his Dog Tags to the sky, to set his soul free
Grit my teeth then shed a tear, to express the situation I'm in
Push on until the enemies gone, and survive through discipline

Copyright © 2007 - Ronald K. Pearson
Published: 7/12/07   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem