by Bryon D. Howell

He claims he is Christian. Woe is me!
I've classified him as The Redneck Chief.
We put him where he is, and foolishly -
for centuries to come, we'll know the grief.
He claims he's saved. My question is - by Whom?
Apparently, he has his own Christ-take.
It's more like What - we watch him pine and groom -
for more of Its redemption while we shake.
He claims he's acting in tomorrow's name -
securing fuel for all the world to use.
If his plan fails, who's God will he blame?
I'll be a prophet! Footprints in the Ooze.
Idolatry! This Chief, he sure backslides!
He serves two Kings. Crude Oil overrides.

Copyright © 2007 - Bryon D. Howell
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