Why We Are In Iraq
by Shelby M. Forrest

Some politicians have problems with
the reason we are in Iraq.
They want to establish a firm deadline
to bring our forces back.

Some American citizens, I fear, would prefer
that the war in Iraq we should lose.
They say that Iraq poses no threat to us
and they have the right how to choose.

"Avoid the terrorist label," they say.
"Global terror does not now exist.
Some might take offense at these outlandish terms,"
these misguided critics insist.

Just where were you cynics located that day
when both Kobar Towers were hit?
Your heads, I suggest, must have been up and locked,
or your eyes were kept hidden from it.

And how about two hundred forty marines
who were killed by a bomb in Beirut?
And our embassy hostages held in Iran-
What did all of these things mean to you?

What about all our embassies that were attacked
and the sailors who died on the Cole?
Just mere isolated events, could it be?
Global terrorists did not have a role?

The attacks in Madrid and in London as well.
Were not these Al Queda directed?
And the intent of destroying ten aircraft in flight,
that was thwarted when plans were detected?

And have you forgotten the first Tower bombings
in Nineteen Ninety Three,
the disaster of nine eleven oh one.
No terrorists involved could you see?

Some people have chosen to close eyes and ears,
pretending that there is no threat.
Like an ostrich, they stick their heads deep in the sand.
How foolish can such people get?

Only fools won't admit what the target is now,
what it was and continues to be.
It's the U.S. of A they intend to bring down,
and my friend, that includes you and me.

Copyright © 2007 - Shelby M. Forrest
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