President Peter
by JS Schilling

Our duly elected Peter Pan
once listened to his Tinker Bell,
and then wanted to make the world in his image:
"Shape the world in our image!
and all will be fine
and you, like I, like JFK,
will go down in Hollywood as
'great men'"
But when the pixie dust of freedom coated
President Pan
soon learned,
"Why don't they like me?
I have great ideas!
They act like something else is better than freedom."
as the bullets fly,
and the bombs go off,
as people die,
President Pan is still listening to Tinker Bell,
and now,
One can't leave, nor stay in Fairy Land,
for the egg-shell of ideology has been cracked
and everyone is responsible for the war,
for the clean-up on aisle "9-11"
for the false hope of thinking humanity is something more than
some divine fairy tale.

Copyright © 2007 - JS Schilling
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