A Poem For George
by Bryon D. Howell

Hard to imagine this whole world at peace,
it's difficult to dream of better years.
With your unfinished business overseas
I don't foresee an end to falling tears.
It's hard to find a tiny ray of hope,
we pine for sanctity and season's bliss.
With riots in the streets we try to cope.
Who thought America could come to this?
We feed on dog eat dog mentalities.
Today we're used to pain, spite, greed, and doubt.
What happens when we breed hostilities?
Can't even trust ourselves or those about.
If we can't keep things tight and peaceful here -
what makes us think we'll do it over there?

Copyright © 2007 - Bryon D. Howell
Published: 5/17/07   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem