Veterans Day
by Richard Reith

She sits in the dark kitchen,
Cup of coffee cradled in her hands.
Veterans Day.
Visit to his grave.
Tears filling her heart.

He died one day.
And the bullet that stopped his heart,
ripped through hers
a world away.

Her forever love
Died one day
On the sands of some godforsaken desert.
He died one day
Protecting the world
From a new Hitler, with a rag on his head.

They will celebrate her forever love today,
As every year.
He died one day.
And she dies every day, anew.

She lives now as a gardener,
Nurturing, watering, raising
The two flowers of their love.
Two daughters,
Who will never remember their father.
Raised by the woman
Who will never forget.

Veterans day.
But who will lay the wreath
At the graveside of her heart?

Copyright © 2007 - Richard Reith
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