The Ultimate of Comaraderie
by Shelby M. Forrest

Always in the thoughts of that U.S. Marine
was the innate concern for his buddy,
as he trudged through a climate much hotter than hot,
with his own body wounded and bloody.

Hope, honor and faith were emplaced in his heart,
as he stood ever poised at the ready.
He alertly detected the flying grenade,
and his movements were quickened, but steady.

He abruptly then wrestled his friend to the ground,
as the grenade just above him still hovered.
The Marine's bloody body was found blown to bits,
but untouched was the body he covered.

No greater bond can exist in the Corps
than the bond with a war fighting brother.
No greater sacrifice can be made
than to give up your life for another.

When the smoke at last had cleared from the scene,
when the fighting had finally ceased,
because of the action of that brave young marine,
we'd envision that God was well pleased.

Copyright © 2007 - Shelby M. Forrest
Published: 4/19/07   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem