Tale of a Soldier
by Evo

I am a soldier defending America and it's ways
A protector of freedom, one of many that works night and day
We swore this country we will defend, without thinking twice
Now it seems, it's this country that got us defending our life
We are fighting in a war, that I know we don't belong
And it seems they are telling us, it will be a while before we go home
Are we fighting for America or a mad man in rage
Trying to get the nations of the world to see things his way
We are over here, but our spirit won't die
But why are we over here is the question I keep asking why
I heard the war of terrorism echo a few time through his voice
But invading Iraq was not the right choice
As I sat here many night with tears in my eyes
Because the friends I cared about so much, are no longer by my side
Sometimes we may feel invisible under this armor on our chest
But then we realize under all this, it's just bones and flesh
Now I wonder, did my brothers die in vain
Because to the politicians we are just numbers and not names
They are so quick to go start a war
But the second the draft is mention, they ask what we need that for
We are soldier fighting and dying over lies
And the families of those dying are the ones, that are crying
For every casket that leaves, I say that's another mothers tears
And soldiers like me are beginning to have fears
We are over here and still very much so at war
And mission was never accomplished, so what the hell he say that for
Yes I love my country and I will defend it with my life
But once again I speak the truth, that we are fighting over a lie
So America we call out to you
Vote to bring us home, before more of our lives are through.

Copyright © 2007 - Evo
Published: 4/19/07   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem