There's got to be (More in life than here)
by Raymond Glenn Muldrew


Iraq is like an old heart that doesn't have far to
go, the whole world is moving but my life has
only slowed, a minute is like an hour and a week
feels like a year, Lord there's got to be more
in life than here, I saw a bug crawl on the
ground and what really enlightened me, here we
were with bombs all around, yet this creature
felt so free, he didn't have a worry and he didn't
seem to care, and that's what made me like him
Lord, I welcomed his presence there. I watched a
bird light on my tank, I seem to hear him say
someday you'll be just like me and then you'll
fly away, and over these sand hills you'll
go, soaring through the sky, you'll hear the
childrens laughter, why that bird just made me
cry, Lord there has to be more in life than
here, there has to be a new and better place,
where hearts are a little bit less colder, and
where a soldier's life is just too precious to waste.

Copyright © 2007 - Raymond Glenn Muldrew
Published: 4/5/07   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem