The Soldier's Promise
by Regina Kandraska

If I promise to kill -
Will you stand with me...
And help to strike the fatal blow?
Will we watch together,
As a breathing soul turns to charred, lifeless flesh -
Or will I stand alone?

If I promise to die -
Will you follow me to my grave...
And give up your numbered days?
Will you join me,
Beneath the mound of freshly dug earth -
Or will I be buried alone?

If I promise to kill and die -
Will you come with me to the bloody, barren battlefield -
After you have signed my fate away?
Or will your eyes be on a torch of victory,
Blowing in a future wind you cannot see?
Engulfing us both...
And smothering all be.

Copyright © 2007 - Regina Kandraska
Published: 3/15/07   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem