Wings of Brotherhood
by BHolzner

It was not long ago that,
America was born.
From the start,
She slipped on her armored cape
unfurling upon her majestic
feathered nape.
Reflection of arrows in her eyes
daggers clipped and filed
soaring above as freedom cried.
Flying to crowned mountain tops
to high seas
to clouds of blue waves
fighting with unconditional grace.
She was the pillar of plated strength.
Wings of red, white, and blue.

It was only yesterday that,
She fought in lands
liberating eyes of innocent.
Sewn in silence,
from bomb's red glare
slaughtered by cowards,
in enemy's snare.
Uncovering graves,
wearing tattoos of unnamed
dressed in skeleton skins and,
shredded feet galore, from gassed floor.
Rescuing the hungry from the kiss of death
feeding orphaned lips and the poor.
Searching in hidden closets
finding hangers of skulls,
centuries of blind whistles from tyrant's call.
Where wings of brotherhood,
gave their lives
fighting strong,
in the midnight sun
restoring humanity's peaceful rays,
upon enlightened dawn.
Wings of red, white, and blue.

She rests drowning in her nest,
of frozen complacency
where jackals surround in jest.
Perched with vigilance at freedom's door
ready to feast on shackled unity.
Leadership of dead
ready to hang and behead.
Where terrorism is kept alive
as we sleep in their wake.
They gnaw at our souls
robbing our most precious
sacred symbol, on high flag pole.
The stars and stripes,
of red, white, and blue,
lay on ground's edge.
As words are heard
in fanatics' tongues of mockery,
"For we are the Chosen Ones.Your God must be hung!"

Camouflaged and armored, a black horse,
a phantom of freedom's storm will form
a vortex of golden sands in force,
carried upon chariots of cloriform.
Nostrils expelling outlaws,
dripping thousands of cells from its jaw.
Spitting forth a creed of lunacy,
the people deceived by Homer's brilliancy.
A classic in history of tragic repeat.
The freedoms we enjoy today,
will erode away from suicide in pray.

we take heed!
Awakened by history's warnings.
A pledge of country, honor, and duty.
We the people, must slip on our armored capes,
unfurling upon our majestic napes
protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit,
of happiness for all
Wrapped in united arms of brotherhood.
Wings of red, white, and blue.

Copyright © 2007 - BHolzner
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