A Rainbow with Color
by Donald DeForge

Where is the Rainbow in Iraq?
I see a rainbow without color in a cloud of death
The soldier stares at the sky and asks why
His wife and child see all of the colors so clearly at home in their hearts
He walks in fear wanting to live..... not die
He walks then looks up for help as he faces destruction himself

Where is the rainbow in Iraq?
There are faint colors in the sky but so very very faint
Will the groups who hate each other see the sky
Can they realize there is a rainbow
Can they live to see the color
The soldiers walk in honor...they care...they help....day after day

Where is the rainbow in Iraq?
Is it blood stained only
Is it obscured by the stench of bodies destroyed by car bombs and mines
Is the rainbow forever without color
We see some beautiful prisms of color in the pictures of loved ones at home
We see glimmers of light in the photos of our own children
We see glimples of color in the Iraqi children's smiles as they are helped

Where is the rainbow in Iraq?
Will it come when we all leave
Will the magnitude of its peace and color always be lost in pain
Will the rainbow ever be blood free and gleaming in the sky
Can the rainbow be found in the new life of a babe born without fear from its mothers womb
Rainbow of color come to Iraq and remove the colorless rainbow of pain!

Copyright © 2007 - Donald DeForge
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