War Of Pretext
by Stanley Cooper

They looked under Saddam's bed
No W-M-Ds found there
Searching overhead
The shelves there too were bare

They raked through all the rubble
Born by liberating bombs
But, finding zero burst the bubble
Of their claims against Saddam

No imminent threat to our homeland
No W-M-D's piled high
This pretext of evil contraband
Has caused too many to die

As bullies often do
When flaunting all their might
They bit off more than they could chew
In this unholy pre-emptive fight

With no weapons of mass destruction
This strife was not called for
Could it be that oil production
Was the reason for this war?

Our valiant fighting men
Should never ever be
In harms way placed again
So irresponsibly

Copyright © 2007 - Stanley Cooper
Published: 2/22/07   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem