Why do we Fight
by Frederick Van Kirk

Why do we fight?
Ask any free Scotsman, he a tell ya man ta man
how when em Britts come to butcher were stayed
by the young an old from every clan.

Yourselves quick forget thet hero written of in thou poem;
an when he gave the warning 'twas not a mother nor bride
did but plead that their men-folk stay to home.

An them that wore the deaths-head glaring upon their brow
made of the world a charnel house,
'till your fathers took up the plow.

An always there's them that would yield before the battles fought,
and ever wear the chains that are by cowards wrought.

I know-seems the easer to drop your arms an bend ye at the knee,
but remember, without her soldiers to stay their blade
they'd cut America's throat "till her blood flowed from sea to sea.

Copyright © 2007 - Frederick Van Kirk
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