Sweet Goodnight-
postcript of a warrior

by Frederick Van Kirk

Once I had a home and love.
Now, upon strange soil I fight.
Oh, when last did I hold wife and babe,
        or last kiss them sweet goodnight?

I look in my enemy's face as we fight,
'tis my own face I see, frightened, and yet,
'tis not of dying my soul will regret;
but never to hold more my wife and babe,
        or kiss them sweet goodnight.

I've seen men read and start crying,
rousing sad thoughts that take flight.
Oh, does she think of me while so alone,
or so alone, does she hold another, and
        kiss them sweet goodnight?

I smiled into the face of my slayer
and he still recounts the sight,
of a tired and weary warrior
who thought he held wife and babe,
and dying, kissed them sweet goodnight.

Copyright © 2007 - Frederick Van Kirk
Published: 2/1/07   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem