by Pope Loudicruce

This crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while.
-- George W Bush, using a loaded term which recalls the Christian Crusades Reuters: September 21, 2001 Bush later apologized for this remark.

Young men of good intention
arrayed in armory of high Technology
are forced to appear here to
give form to the contention
that Democracy is what is needed
to feed, clothe, and shelter the
cut-off, repressed American locked inside
of every godless breast.
The Bush Burns with firery conviction
that ends will justify the means
and all will see when the affliction
'insurgency' is cured by application of Democracy.
But then a fatal mistake breaks the hypnotic trance.
Heads turn, look askance, and the spell fades as the Bush
spits forth words honed like a blade 'This CRUSADE is going to take awhile.'
The smiles dry up like mirages in a desert
at the careless utterance of the phrase.
Something snaps in the fabric of time and space
and my mind freed momentarily races out of its reach
and I see the faces, blood flowing in rivulets, broken bodies on the beach,
ships burning, children crying for their dead mothers while
soldiers beg for Saracean mercy, my men will give none.
The infidel Crusaders have come to force us from our holy land
and their Pope is a Devil in shape of a man.
All shall be put to the sword!
Timeslip, mindflip and I'm back again.
Trying to make sense of the inane babble
pouring forth from the mouth of our president
about how the rabble rousers will lose their hold
when Democracy gains control.

"Mr President, sir it's the approval polls. You're falling precipitously. We think you should draft an apology, immediately."

Copyright © 2006 - Pope Loudicruce
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