As Thyself
by Dillon McKinsey

We are all orphans.
Victims of one war or another.
Consoled by nuclear atoms whose unsplit threat
And siloed salvos deter the reality of our abandonment
And the utter hopelessness of our childrens children
In whom genes of lost perfection mutate to the cancer
Feeding on us all from unhealed, haunted hearts

Even bastards must lay claim to humanness and all
That means, both good and ill, and in between.
That their parents are unknown is no surprise.
The news is, rather, that they never know themselves;
And from that ignorance, abide in superstitions,
Not of gods, but of their neighbors, lovers,
Brothers, sisters, and, of course, their enemies.
We cannot know each other when such
Darkness lingers in the soulful chambers of our cheated hearts
And blinds us to the truth that all of us are of the earth,
Just wet enough to turn to murky mud
And not enough to wash us clean
Or let us truly see what just might spring from Truth.

Some marvel at the universe whose unnumbered stars
And galaxies, and all the darkness in between,
Which once was but a golf-ball bit of mass
That in the singularity of time went bang!
And gave us all we see today some 14 billion light years
Out away from this one living orb of blue.
They shy away from God and miracles
Because this might betray some weakness
In the apex beast of time. Some force
Outside our logic or our will. Some un-evolved solution.
While still the greater miracle is that if there is a God
Who even has a portion of the powers
Believing souls say gods must have to be divine,
Is that this God can see it all, and let it be.
Can see within our poisoned souls the darkness
Of our deepest greed the lust for something more than We
And can by wisdom mortals still ignore
Tell us that redemption lies in love, and love alone.
The fault you see, is not in gods, but you and me.

We all shall die one day.
Some with more days than others; some with less.
The real test for distinction rests
Not in when, but in the how.
For most shall die in the in webs of war-
With each other and with themselves.

The redeemed, shall die in love!

Copyright © 2006 - Dillon McKinsey
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