by Larry Woods Zoeller

It's just a liquid,
pumped through
the body in a complicated
duct system directed
by wiring attached to
a central processor.

Not much fortification.
Just soft flesh with a bone plate
covering the critical pump and processor.

Easily breeched.
Yet we consistently put
bodies in harm's way as though
they were somehow invulnerable;
somehow immortal.

We have justification:
Heroics, sacrifice, nationalism
religion, justice, unity.
Never are greed or power
mentioned by those
who do the sending.

They are the loudest justifiers
who stay at home
and send other vital bodies
to be broken and destroyed.

We say freedom must be
nurtured with blood.
We say we must save the world.
We say we must protect the weak.
Yet tyranny reigns by many names,
Including freedom and democracy.

The world is saved for the rich and strong.

We are awash in the blood of the weak,
and only those who have been there,
whose blood has run from their wounds unto death
know the truth.

Our billions go to create
armament to protect
vulnerable flesh while
more billions go to invent
ever more lethal weapons to
pierce the defenses.

While those who live
where we go to fight,
those whom we claim
we are defending,
have no armament, no weapons,
no clothes, no life.

Only blood flowing from wounds
that will not be stopped.

Until we stop.

Copyright © 2006 - Larry Woods Zoeller
Published: 10/12/06   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem