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October 7, 2006

Update is late this week because my computer died! Yeah, Macs are vunerable to logic board failure, too. Go figure. I had to do the update by hand. That meant building all the html files manually. I have an application that builds the pages. I copy and paste in the information from the poet's submission and let the program do the work. Not this time! Hopefully, I will have my computer back next week so I won't have to do the update manually. If the computer is late, the update will be late again. Sorry.

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September 29, 2006

Now that the site is up and running, the next priority is to start soliciting submissions. I mailed out 75 postcards last week. Most of them went to "Poetry Societies" and similar organizations.

It took two days for me to get my first submission from the mailing, "Dry places" by John Quinn, who is a member of the Illinois State Poetry Society. We accepted his poem and it is the fourth poem published on this site.

I have received three more poems as the result of the mailing. At least one of them will be published next week. I need to ask a question of the poet first.

And the solicitation process continues. I am mailing out another 50 postcards tomorrow and plan to mail about that many a week until I get swamped with submissions.

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September 6, 2006

The third poem went up today. It is by a young man currently serving in Iraq. I have another poem by him which I will put up in the future.

Submissions are not flowing in, yet. But we can attribute that to the fact that the word on this site is only starting to get out.

I have ordered 500 postcards with the web site's purpose and address. I will start sending them to Poetry Societies and Clubs in two weeks or so. Then we should start to see something.

In the meantime, I continue to try and spread the word via the internet without spamming or being overly obnoxious.

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August 28, 2006

Thank you for visiting the web site. It is brand new, and as of today, there is only one poem on the site. What you see is, more or less, just proof of concept. Making sure the HTML code works and all.

The next step in this process is start notifying various "writers' market" sites that we are open for business. We begin notifying the poetry sites this week.

I hope the concept intrigues you. We intend to publish lots of poems. If you have a poem, I invite you to submit using our submission form.

My girlfriend, who is a publisher, says I will be shocked by how many submissions I will receive. We'll see.

Correction: We have another poem to publish, and one waiting for the author to confirm that he wants it on the site. (He is currently serving in Iraq.) So when you read this, the "only one poem" is probably not true.

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